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Welcome to Southside Baptist Church Workers Schedule page. Below you will find the list each month for the following area:   Ushers

We are very grateful that you have volunteered your services to serve in this capacity. Please take this opportunity and view the listings here to be sure that you are aware of your schedule and please notify us immediately if there is a conflict with your schedule. Please do not assume that we are aware of these conflicts and have made arrangements. Your cooperation in this area will be much appreciated!

Thank you all for the sweet spirit in which you serve!!!!


Usher List For Southside Baptist Church

Usher List - Usher 2018
  Aisle 1   Jim Caudle  
  Aisle 2   Bill Massenburg
      Ernie Wigington
  Center Aisle   Jimmy Grimes  
      Doug Bilderback
  Aisle 4   Charles Hefley  
      Robert Johns  
  Aisle 5   Phil Shaffer  
  Balcony   Brian Rockwell  
      Jeff Grimes  


  Aisle 1   John Williams
  Aisle 2   Robert Johns
      Charles Hefley
  Center Aisle   Ernie Wigington
      Jimmy Grimes
  Aisle 4   Chuck Wysocki
      Steve Wilkerson
  Aisle 5   Doug Bilderback
  Balcony   Dwayne Richie
      Gary McCollom
  Aisle 1   Jim Caudle  
  Aisle 2   John Williams  
      Chuck Wysocki  
  Center Aisle   Robert Johns  
      Bill Massenburg
  Aisle 4   Mike Hensley  
      John Schnitker  
  Aisle 5   Charles Hefley  
  Balcony   Brian Rockwell  
      Jeff Grimes  


  Aisle 1   Jim Caudle  
  Aisle 2   Phil Shaffer  
      Mike Hensley
  Center Aisle   John Williams
      Doug Bilderback
  Aisle 4   Steve Wilkerson
      Ernie Wigington
  Aisle 5   Chuck Wysocki
  Balcony   Dwayne Richie
      Gary McCollom



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