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Thomas & Elvira Corbello

Hello from Panama! how are you doing? I hope all is well with you. We are all doing good. We are adapting to the heat and humidity here. So far I have lost almost 20 pounds and Elvira has lost about 10 pounds, they are all melting away (I need to have about 20 more pounds melt off). We are in the house that we will be spending the next 4 and a half months at. It is a nice house, except there is only air conditioners in two of the bedrooms. There is a light color tile floor all through the house and it shows everything including Saber's hair, it is driving Elvira crazzzzzzy. My language school is going good so far, except there is sooooo much for me to learn. I know that I will get through it with the grace of God. We miss you guys and we love you. Please email us when you can. I must get back to my studies for Spanish, we will talk to you soon.

                                                       Witnessing Till He Comes

                                                      Thomas Corbello and Family   

May 29th 2008

Hello! I am back from my trip to the jungle. everything went good. We spent 12 days off the Atlantic coast in the jungle ministering to the people of the churches. It was quite an experience for me because this was my first time to go. When Elvira and I came on our survey trip I found out how spoiled we as Americans are when compared to the people of the cities here in Panama, and now after this trip I see how spoiled even the people are in the cities of Panama. This was the first time I had ever seen a pastor go to the pulpit bare foot. Not many people even had shoes to put on their feet. To live with the people in thatched roofed houses with no electricity, no phones, no roads, no cars, I was very humbled. The people were great. They were very excited to have someone new to come and be with them for a while. At the second place we went to we had a pastors seminar for all of the pastors on the coast. There were 10 pastors who came. They were very eager to learn more about the Bible and more about pastoring. These pastors have had no teaching at all as far as being a pastor is concerned. Bro Jim taught them for 4 to 5 hours a day. He brought two semesters worth of pastoral theology notes with him and he taught all of it. My heart was broken to see their hunger for the Word of God and their desire to learn as much as they could. I praise God for the protection He gave us and our families while we were gone. I thank you for your prayers as well. I will write more about the trip later, but for now I have to go. May God bless you in all you do. We love and miss you.

                                                Witnessing Till He Comes

                                              Thomas Corbello and Family  

June 5th 2008

June 28th 2015
Hello everyone here is our telephone number - Magic Jack # 903-375-3093


February 2013

We are back on furlough and we are so blessed! An update on our work in Panama. We have had several clinic trips into the surrounding areas and villages, and towns and have seen many souls come to know the Lord as their personal Saviour. Below are 2 video slide shows showing the people, area and the work we are involved with in Panama. We covet your prayers and look forward to getting back to our work there in Panama, as that is what we call home now. We enjoy getting to see family and friends once again but we know in our hearts that Panama is where God wants us. Please continue to support us with your prayers and supplications to the Lord on our behalf.

                                                                                                                                                  Witnessing Till He Comes

                                                                                                                                                Thomas Corbello and Family

Video Slide Show Showing Baptisms from 2010
Video Slide Show 2011 Johnson Trip
Video Slide Show of 2012 & 2011 Events
Latest Video Slide Shows of Mission Highlights
Below are slide shows of some of the highlights of our mission work. We appreciate all the prayers and help that you have given us on the mission field. You'll never know just how much we love each and everyone of you! And as souls are reached for the Lord, it will be added to your account in heaven. Enjoy the slide show and God bless each and everyone of you.

The Corbello's

Thomas, Elvira and Brandin

Slide Show of the most recent mission trip!
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