Pastor Keith Taylor


I have been Pastor at Southside Baptist for 31 years. Most of my ministry has been here in this Church. I started out as Associate in 1971, and continued till I left to Pastor, at Central Baptist Church in Lewisville Texas in 1982. I returned to Southside in 1986. Nothing would please me more than to finish out my ministry in this great church.
God has blessed me and my wife Kathy with a fruitful ministry. Our children Keith and Tammie grew up here and are now married and serving the Lord with their spouses.
"Souls our sole concern" has been our theme from the beginning. Over the years we have seen many souls saved and folks added to the Church. God has blest us every year of our ministry for which we are grateful. We think some of the best years are yet ahead.
We invite you to come and be a part of this great work!

God bless you,
Pastor and Mrs. Taylor