Southside Baptist Music Ministry for 2012

Welcome to Southside Baptist Church Music Page for 2012. This ministry has been a blessing to those that are shut in or cannot get out as often to attend church. We feel that this is a great blessing to them and to others to hear the Gospel message in song. We trust that you will enjoy these particular pieces as much as we enjoyed singing them. Singing Praises to the Lord for all that He has done for us and will do for us. We lift up our voices together to worship and honor His Holy Name! If you would like to come and be a part of our Music Ministry and you feel led to do so, see our choir page for rehearsal times and upcoming special events. Thanks for listening!

Choir on 12/30/12 - Jesus We Just Want To Thank You
Choir on 12/23/12 - Star Of Bethlehem
Choir on 12/23/12 - Hope Has Hands
Choir on 12/23/12 - Come
Choir on 12/16/12 - The Love Of God Cantata
Choir on 12/9/12 - Mary Rocks The Rock
Mixed Trio - 12/2/12 - The Well
Mixed Trio - 11/11/12 - Blades Of Grass & Pure White Stones
Choir on 11/11/12 - He's As Close As The Mention Of His Name
Choir on 10/28/12 - God Says Your Gonna Make It
Choir on 10/14/12 - There Is A Remedy
Bluegrass Group on 10/14/12 - Sweet By And By
Bluegrass Group on 10/14/12 - Jesus Hold My Hand
Ladies Trio - Jesus Christ The One And Only
Duet on 10/07/12 - By His Wounds
Choir on 9/30/12 - Jerusalem
Choir on 9/30/12 - Jerusalem A Capella
Choir on 9/30/12 - Blessings
Men's Quartet on 9/30/12 - He Is There 
Bluegrass Group on 9/30/12 - Brethren 
Bluegrass Group on 9/30/12 - Old Time Religion 
Choir on 9/30/12 - Bless The Lord O My Soul 
Choir on 6/10/12 - Somebody Prayed For Me 
Choir on 6/3/12 - Softly And Tenderly 
Choir on 5/20/12 - Jerusalem 
Men's Quartet 5/13/12 - He Loves Me 
Choir on 4/8/12 - Oh What A Saviour 
Choir on 3/25/12 - I Love Thee Lord - My Jesus I Love Thee 
Choir on 1/22/12 - We'll Hold Up The Light