Southside Baptist Church Missionaries Links Page
Welcome to Southside Baptist Church Missionary Links Page. Here you will find the links to many of our missionaries that we support through pray and financial efforts. Please continue to pray for these missionaries as they need our continued support on a daily basis. They are just like us and need every bit of encouragement that we can give them thru lifting them up to Jesus everyday. Don't forget to pray for your Missionary!!!
AU Missions - The Nelson family - Missionaries to Australia where they will be working in Perth.
The Cone Family - Taking the Gospel to Thailand
The Jon Groves Family Ministries - Evangelist Dr. Jon Groves & his wife Julie touching hearts & lives of people all across this country.
The Eberhard Family - Missionaries to the lost and dying souls that are in Kenya, Africa
The Johnson Family - Missionaries to Peru - Brother Rudy and his wife Lorraine have served in Peru since 1958
The Napper Family - Missionaries to Burkina Faso - taking the gospel to the people of this West African nation.
The Reeves Family - Missionaries to London, England where they plan to plant churches and evangelize.
The Belasco Family - Missionaries to Spain, to reach the lost and dying souls and to have an impact on the young people to win them to Christ while they are young age.
The Harmon Family - Missionaries to Peru, planting churches and reaching the people of Peru for the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Biven Family - Missionaries to Mexico, church planting & teaching others to serve in the ministry of Christ at Instituto Bautista Biblico Embajadores (Ambassador Baptist Bible College).
The Peterson Family - Missionaries to Zambia - to give Spiritual hope for a dying country! Plant churches and reach souls for Jesus!
The Duke Family - Missionaries to Peru, taking the Gospel to the lost.
The Perry Family The Perry Family - Going to Australia to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
The Chilando Family The Chilando Family - Missionaries to Zambia answering God's call for their lives!
The Sudbrock Family - Spreading the Gospel in Germany, kindling a flame to cold embers!
The Corbello Family - Missionaries to Panama from our church family! Reaching souls till Jesus comes!
Don & Pat Smith - BEAMS - Bible Education And Missionary Services for Texas!
The Sherwood Family - Missionaries to Panama serving God's call to reach the lost souls in Panama
The Smith Family - Missionaries to East Tanzania, planting churches, Bible Colleges and winning souls for Jesus!
The Woods Family - Building lives building homes for Orphans! - Missionaries to Moldova
The Compton Family - Building a work for Christ in Peru
The Josh Taylor Family - Missionaries to the people of Honduras! Church planting and souls for Jesus
Justin Rhoades - Saving London one church at a time! Winning souls for Christ in London.
The Salmon Family - Taking the truth to Thailand for the sake of the Gospel
The Watkins Family - Missionaries to Costa Rica - reaching souls for Jesus Christ in Costa Rica
The Cottrell Family - Missionaries to Thailand - Reaching souls for Jesus in Thailand!