Here at Southside Baptist Church we have four areas that we teach our children in. There is the Angel Kidz 4 Jesus which is the 2 and 3 year olds. Then we have the 4 and 5 year olds which are Kindergarten age. The following level of teaching is the  "Disciples 4 Jesus", the 1st thru 3rd grades. The "Kidz K'nextion" is the next level of teaching which is the 4th thru the 6th grade Children's Ministry. Each age group is provided a safe and nurturing environment to take their first steps toward faith. We want them to enjoy being here and learning about the love of Jesus and what God has done for others and can do for them.

Dwayne & Lisa Ward head up the Kidz K'nextion - 4th-6th grade.


Kidz K'nextion at Southside Baptist Church is our Children's Ministry to the Elementary and 6th grade middle school students. Our main goal at this level of teaching is to give them a sense of being important, loved and understood. Giving them vital instructions in Gods word to help them develop into spiritual healthy young teens. Activities for our children are important and we have either Donut Sunday or Cheeseburger
on the last Sunday of the month, weekly treasure chest drawings. and activities such as skate parties, cookouts, fellowship times. We would love
to have you! If you are looking for a warm friendly
atmosphere, this is the place for your K'nextion Kids!

Kidz K'nextion Skate Party