Extreme Devotion

How dedicated to Christ and the Great Commission of spreading the Gospel are we? There should never be an excuse as to why we aren't doing all that we can! God gives us many opportunities daily to talk to someone about Jesus and what he has done for us. Jesus said in Luke 9:26 "For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father's and of the holy angels."
Our testimony of how we live our lives should speak for itself as in the statement "you should witness everyday and then talk to a few people". How true this is, our lives should be a shinning light in this dark world. Jesus is the answer to the worlds problems!

The weekly listings below will give you some insight to how Christians in the past and also the present day and time have suffered great pain and agony to serve our Lord & Saviour.


“What happened?” asked the North Korean
mother as her son walked through the front
door with a look of shock.
“I was with my friend today when two police officers
stopped us. They knocked my friend down and accused him
of being a Christian. My friend did not try to defend himself.
Even with a gun pointed directly at him, his face remained
“He looked straight into my eyes and without speaking a
word, I knew what he was saying. He wanted me to believe the
same thing he did. And then he just said ‘Bless them.’ He was
executed right in front of me because he was a Christian. I do
not even know what a Christian is. I don’t understand any of
After he shared his story, his mother held his head in her
hands and simply said, “I understand.” She then began to
share with him the truth about Christ her Savior. She taught her
son about Jesus’ miraculous birth, and the opportunity for
salvation that came through his death on a cross. Though it
pained her that she had never dared to tell her son because
she worried for his safety, she was thankful that God was
giving them a second chance. “As those bullets hit your
friend’s heart, God planted a seed of hope in yours.”
Today this young man is active smuggling Bibles into North
Korea and planting house churches.

The boy’s mother gave him physical life when he was
born into her family, but she passed on the opportunity
to help him receive eternal life through being born
again. Physical life fades away, but God’s gift of eternal
life lasts forever. When we share God’s Word with
those we love, God offers them everlasting life. Have
you missed an opportunity to share the plan of
salvation with those you love? Ask God to give you a
second chance as he gave to the mother of this young
boy. Don’t wait for tragedy to strike before you take
the opportunity.


Forgetfulness. It is the number one enemy of prayerfulness.
We are quick to offer our prayers of support. Unfortunately, our good intentions are rarely good enough to help us carry through on our commitments to pray for those in need. What can remind you to pray for those who are persecuted around the world? Perhaps a small sticker on the face of your watch will remind you. Each time you look at your watch throughout the day can be an opportunity for you to remember a people group who live under religious persecution. Whatever method you choose to be more mindful of the missed opportunities for prayer, follow through on it. Reading stories about extreme believers will not change anything. Praying for extreme believers can change everything—maybe even today. 

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