Evangelism Ministry - Southside Baptist Church Evangelism is a broad based Ministry covering a variety of events and activities during the year. There is no greater story to be told then the Story Of God, Jesus and His love for us, the price that He paid on the cross and how He rose again on the third day, to make atonement for our sins. Our lives should reflect Christ living in us on a daily basis, at home, work and in all of our activities. We should also participate in all evangelistic endeavors that take place in the New Testament Church.

We have Tuesday Night Visitation - this is where we gather at the church and go out in two's and visit our community and encourage the people to come and visit with us in our services. We also contact those that have come as a first time visitor to let them know that we care and invite them to come back.

We have the Ladies Ministry Group that helps those in need, whether it is physical or spiritual. Sometimes a caring listening person is all that they need. Someone to care, but also other areas of needs are met as well.

We have Bus Visitation on Saturday mornings at 9:45 AM. We go our on our bus routes and visit the parents and the children and invite them again to the house of the Lord to worship. If you would like to help out on the routes, please let us know. We are always grateful for any help that you are willing to sacrifice for.

We also support over 100 missionaries world wide, and home missions here in the US as well. The sun never sets on our mission ministry! We are so thankful to God to be able to help support that many missionaries. It has been a big blessing to our church.