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Welcome to Southside Baptist Church's Missionary Video Page. We believe that the  Gospel of Christ needs to be preached to everyone, everywhere. In order to accomplish that goal, missionaries must go and preach the Gospel and tell others about His Saving Grace, Mercy, and Love. We trust that you will keep these missionaries in your prayers as you go about your everyday routine. Remember that they are just like us and have daily needs and prayer requests. To contact them use the links on their pages or websites. We thank you in advance for your prayers for these servants of God to the foreign fields!

The Corbello Family Video

Welcome to the Corbello's video page. See what has been going on in Panama for the last 4 years and what God has been doing for them and thru them as they serve Him faithfully. They have been there for the last 4 years and are looking forward to returning. God has been good and they are looking ahead for all the great things He is going to do in these  next few years. Witnessing till Jesus comes!! Amen 

 See the Corbello's page here

Below is a slide show of some of the highlights of our mission work. We appreciate all the prayers and help that you have given us on the mission field. You'll never know just how much we love each and everyone of you! And as souls are reached for the Lord, it will be added to your account in heaven. Enjoy the slide show and God bless each and everyone of you.

The Corbello's

Thomas, Elvira and Branden

The Latest Mission Trip Slide Show
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