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Welcome to Southside Baptist Church's Announcements Page. Check here for up to date information on activities taking place.  If you are having a special occasion and would like your church family to know about it, this is the page that we will be doing it on. Just email us using the link at the bottom of the page and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Congratulations Abbi & Ryan Bergman....Its A Boy!!!!
Case Ryan arrived on Friday January 12th weighting 6 lbs.13 oz. 19 3/4 inches
Congratulations Chase & Laci Ward....It's A Boy!!!!
on the birth of Esten Nash
on January 4th @ 8lbs. 7oz. 21.25 inches long
Branson Couples Retreat:
Retreat begins Friday, Feb.16th @ 2:00 PM & concludes Saturday,
Feb. 17th @ 3:30 PM.
Cost: $180 (meals not included)
*The deadline to register is Sunday,
January 21st. Please sign up at the Welcome Center today!
Ladies Chime Choir
We have our chime choir practice each Sunday @ 5:15 PM
We need some new ladies to join us. You do not have to know how to read music to participate. See Kathy Taylor if you are interested.
Devotional Book by Edna Holmes
“Treasures to Keep” available on Amazon'......Kindle edition
Assistive Listening Device for the Hearing Impaired
We have a few available on a first come first serve basis. See Pastor Taylor if you need a device.
Online Directory
The new online directory is up and running now. Your old info to log in will no longer work. To receive your new online please use the contact form on the contacts page here and provide your email address so that we can send your new log-in information.
Kid’s Choir Notes
We want you to participate in the kid’s choir. The goal is to have you sing at least once or twice a month, and participate in multiple programs. If you need a ride to Church on Sunday evenings, please call 903-465-3636 by 3:30 pm so that the bus can pick you up. We would truly love to see the choir grow and you using your talents for the Lord..
WORKERS NEEDED We can always use help on the bus routes. If there are any teens or adults who would like to help build our routes by visiting on Saturdays or riding on Sundays, please let us know.
Beginner Church Workers
Would you be willing to help us out in the 4 and 5 year old class during Church time? We try to schedule workers to be on the list for one hour every 7 or 8 weeks. Please see Jimi Lou Coleman, if you could help us out in this area. Help is always needed in the Nursery and 2’s and 3’s also.
Sunday Services On CD -- Our Sunday services are now available on CD for $2.00. The order forms are available in the lobby.
Don't miss your mail call for the monthly newsletterMonthly Mail Out Newsletter - At the first of this year we will no longer be sending out the newsletter by bulk mail. Instead we will be emailing them to all who have been receiving it via the US Postal Service. We encourage each one that has been receiving this to send us your email via our contact page so we can add you to the list. To do so use this link - Contact Us
If you notice a first time visitor, please make sure they receive a visitor’s packet. Direct them to the reception desk in the lobby area where we will welcome them and give them a visitor's packet make them feel right at home!



We have two  different cookbooks that you can purchase for $10.00 each.  They would make great gifts for wedding, birthday, or even Christmas.  All proceeds go in our Church building fund; Cooking with the best!     
“Old-Time Favorites”
    The first cookbook ever done by our Church
"Men On The Range”
   A collection of recipes put together by men of our Church.
 See Kathy Taylor if you are   interested in either one of these cookbooks.

Prayer Name ExchangePray without ceasing
Put your name in the vase in the lobby today if you would like to participate for this months Prayer Name Exchange. Prayer name exchange gives you an opportunity to pray specifically for the person or persons you draw. If you don’t know that person, introduce yourself, and ask them for specific needs they may have that you can pray about.
This Months Devotional Books “Call To Glory” available in the lobby
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